UP MS Migrant Health Programs

Coppenhagen, Denmark 7-8 November 2016

The strategy and action plan for refugee and migrant health provides a common framework for collaborative action on refugee and migrant health across all WHO European Member States. It was adopted at the WHO European Regional Comittee in September 2016 and a report on progress in implementation will be made to the Regional Comittee in 2018.

WHO Regional Office for Europe has now the task to coordinate the implementation of SaAP. This will require the MIgration Team (the MIG team) to work closely with WHO Regional Office for Europe technical units and Member States. A phased approach is suggested, ivolving:

  • Development of cadre of core consultants able to support the implementation od SaAP over a medium long term
  • Preparation fo wider roster of consultants able to take this work forward with individual countries or groups of countries.
  • Consultation with WHO Regional Office technical units
  • Development of an across-office action plan for AsAp implementation
  • EXC discussion on priorities and next steps