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CONSENSUS CONFERENCE for establishing a European level Migration Health Database

Pécs, 07-08 October 2019

Location: MTA PAB Székház (Hall of Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Hungary, Pécs, Jurisics Miklós street 44.

Scope and purpose:

From the point of view of the health/ public health stability and security of Europe, there is a clear and urgent demand that their relevant systems and institutions would be capable to respond properly and timely to migration related health and public health challenges according to an evidence-based manner.

In order to fulfilling one of its designated tasks, and facilitating the realization of the Migrant Sensitive Health and Public Health Systems, WHO Collaborating Centre (WCC) at University of Pécs (UoP), in cooperation with WHO European Office, is organizing an WHO European Region level event entitled:

Migration related health/ public health challenges and needed responses – defining conditions for establishing an European level migration health database – a consensus conference

The main goal of this event is to bring together leading experts in migrant health with the aim of working out the basic principles of a highly coherent and consistent European Migrant Health Database, as an essential tool for the ‘evidence based’ planning and development of public health and health care systems that are prepared and capable to address the new challenges.

In line with UoP WCC’s other tasks and capacity, we offer to develop and run training programs for building the necessary human resource capacity in this field.

The participation is free of charge, but registration is required due to the free, provided catering services during the event.


Documents of the conference can be found here.

Direct link to the Outcome document.


Workshop reports


Download this file (Consensus conference program.pdf)Consensus conference program