Tropical Medicine and Training in Eldoret, Kenya

The organization of the training course was based on the agreement between the University of Pecs, School of Medicine, Hungary and the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, Kenya, signed in June 2009. The course was supported by the Dr. GyörgyRadó Military Health Center and the University of Pécs.

The major goals of the training

■ To increase the knowledge of doctors in tropical medicine and related conditions
■ To observe the real situation where those diseases occur (not only on slides)
■ To obtain personal experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases
■ To learn the occurance of such diseases in the migrant population
■ To develop skill to work in situations with minimal resources
■ To learn different procedures to identify tropical diseases
■ For the nurses obtainingknowledge in the daily procedures of health care inhospitalized and OPD patientsin the tropics (Tropical Nursing)
■ To learn the special considerations in a country of high rate of HIV infections

Structure of the course

The training course was developed as onsite training. It comprised 180 contact hours and 90 practical lectures, including the four external teaching sessions in Kisumu, Baringoand Nakuru“Pipeline” Refugee Camp for internally displaced persons (IDP).

This refugee camp hosts about 6000 inhabitants, the half of them are children. The average delivery rate in the camp is 5-6/week. The external sessions were organized to see cases of sickle cell diseases, leprosy, leishmaniasisand to observe the situation in a refugee camp.

The time table of the course developed for this purpose (copyright) comprehensively included all the topics and aspects of the tropical medicine, and the participants developed skills in dealing with clinical cases of different tropical conditions, situations and the capability to recognize different laboratory slides and smears.

The nurses, during their separate training, received instructions and teachings from nursing tutors how to recognize different clinical cases, deliver nursing duties in tropical conditions and they have been involved in routine daily nursing activities.

Lectures started at 9 AM till13 PM. Practicestarted at 2 PM till 4 PM


Tuition fee is 2500 euro/person for the 9 weeks

The tuition fee includes:

The payment for the lectures and practices
Different facilities used during the training course (including tea break)
Transfer to external sites for training

International travel is approx. 800 € from Europe

Internal travel is approx.140€

Lodging 20-25 €/person/day which includes breakfast and washing. The rooms have bathrooms (hot shower) and internet access.

Other costs of living can be calculated as 10-15€/day. Lunch and dinner at the hotel or at the hospital is @1,50-2 €/meal.


Eligible applicants must be in their last year as medical students, higher nursing school, or graduated doctors (MD) or nurses. The course can be started with the minimum of 10 students on 10th October (travelling on 7th Oct.). The planned end of the semester is 9th December, participants will arrive in Europe on 10th December. The maximum number of participants in a single course is 25. Applications will be closed on 31st August and the tuition fee must be transferred before this date. Would-be applicants should contact Prof. Dr. Gabor Ternak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address for further details.

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