UP MS Migrant Health Programs

The representatives of our Department – Prof Dr István Szilárd, Dr Szabolcs Fekete, Dr Zoltán Katz and Zsófia Freund – gave an account of the program which aimed to develop an internet-based platform for professionals, based on the framework of Open Society Foundations- Roma Health Network, at the Budapest Office of the Open Society Institute on 14 September 2012. The network that has been developed by our colleagues and named RomaHealthNetwork was introduced on the meeting. The website with the domain www.romahealthnet.org aims to offer new perspectives for researchers, educators, decision-makers concerning health policy, and any other professional working in this field by combining several functions. The website strives to incorporate the main functions of databases and social network sites, ensure one’s opportunity to follow up on events concerning the topic, and help in making contacts on a moderated forum.

An agreement came into existence on the meeting regarding the future cooperation which is thought to be important and useful by both parties in the development and improvement of the health and social state of the Roma. However, our colleagues and the representatives of the institute agreed to further develop the RomaHealthNetwork that has been established by them earlier.