UP MS Migrant Health Programs

The FEAMHP "The First European American Migration Health Platform" renamed as TEAMHP as of Dec 02,2017 was founded in the city of Pécs Hungary on the 20th of October 2017 .

FEAMHP , which is a multi-sectoral, multi-professional and inter- disciplinary knowledge based collaboration platform is an outcome of the US Embassy's IVLP program led by HE Cultural Attache Mr.Chris Machin. 

FEAMHP's preliminary mission statement has been brought here-in-below:

The importance of arriving at a joint European - American Declaration regarding the policy plans, procedures and actions which should promote the foundation of a Migration Health Strategy and Implementation Platform is a pressing need as it has been outlined during previous discussions. The platform will focus on the following four aspects:

A) Migration Health and Integrated Innovation Programs: with a separate focus on solutions in the field of prevention and mass vaccination. The importance of data sharing, joint resource sharing and ideation across key sectors;

B) Trafficking in Human Beings, its health implications and prevention: with a separate focus on best practices in building Multi-stakeholder, Multi-sectoral and Inter-professional Collaboration for data sharing, designing and implementing prevention and rehabilitation programs;

C) Mental health aspects of migration: Screening and Managing: with a separate focus on the Vulnerable Groups especially women. The role of NGOs, Cities and Diaspora.

D) Accredited and Certified Migration Health and Integration Human Resource Capacity Building Programs: specifically designed to address empowerment, research and educational needs in this field. Structural and managerial aspects of the ‘Migrant Sensitive Health Care System’. Advances in Participatory and Community Based Action Research methods for training inter-professional stakeholders involved in the field of migration and its health outcomes.