UP MS Migrant Health Programs

In the HEALTH MANAGEMENT project’s 2nd workshop participants listened to the presentations about “The legal framework of the family health care and everyday practice”.

Dr. István Szilárd explained why Migration Health became a new challenge for the EU. He focused on the public health aspects of migration, why migration health is an issue of a growing importance in terms of population heath level as well as from the economy point of view. He also emphasized the reasons to develop and implement ‘migrant sensitive’ health care system, and especially the necessity of human resources development to cope with this new challenge.

From the Hungarian part, dr. Agnes Csikós and dr. Szilvia Heim gave presentations about the legal framework of the family health care and everyday practice in Hungary.

Dr. Ágnes Csikós introduced the teaching activities in family medicine at University of Pecs. She explained the undergraduate, postgraduate and residency educational programs, including modules such as  Medical Communication Skills Basic Module, Family Medicine Clinical Module, and how Family Medicine Practice is built up for undergraduate students. We also had an insight into the residency curricula, and plans for the future.

Daily work of a Hungarian family physician was presented by dr. Szilvia Heim. We got a brief overview about the management of the practice, what the general practice is like, what are the general tasks of the family physicians and how it is financed in Hungary.

From the Croatian part, dr. Iva Juric introduces the Croatian Family health care system and everyday practice in Croatia. She explained what is new in everyday practice in Croatian health care. Dr. Juric focused in her presentation on their new program, and told that now they have every medical record on computer as well as e-recipe, e-referrals. She informed as in her presentation that they have around 40-50 patients in a day practice.