UP MS Migrant Health Programs

Today we received a thank-you letter from the people of Gilvánfa. Before Christmas our Institute collected and gathered presents for the the children in the village. Fortuntely we could send them a lot of shoe boxex filled with sweats, toys and clothes. Now they wrote us back and sad thank you for our help. It is very good to know and feel that our presents went to the best place. We hope we can continue this project this year as well.

Gilvánfa is a small village situated in south-western part of Hungary near to the Croatian border in the Ormánság region. The village has one of the biggest segregated Roma population in Baranya county (about 400 people). Almost all the inhabitants are Roma living among very poor social conditions. Religious charity organization and civil NGO jointly are running humanitarian programs aiming to bridge the gap, focusing mostly on the school children and housing conditions, but for the entire verticum – including elderly people - of the population as well.