UP MS Migrant Health Programs

The 1st HEALTH MANAGEMENT project workshop was held in Pecs on the 23rd-24th of February 2012. The topic of the workshop was the “Transition of health care system of new member states to the EU normative”.

During the 2 days workshop we had great presentations, such as Dr. István Szilárd’s presentation about the “Health and Public Health in the structure of the EU commission and the Health Program Priorities 2014-2020”. Participants got an insight into the Health priorities and funding possibilities in the EU, such as the EU Health Programs and their proposal for a new Health for Growth Programme (2014-2020) and its priorities and general objectives.

The next presenter was Dr. Szabolcs Fekete who explained EU Funding possibilities for Health related projects and also the future prospects. In his presentations he went trough how the EU Health Programmes work, and how these are financed, what the coming possibilities, objectives and as well as the fundamentals of financials

Kia Golesorkhi, explained the main characteristics of the Health Care and Health Insurance system in the EU. We got an insight into the EU Common Values and Principles, how the health system in the EU looks like, how the governance builds up. He highlighted the importance of the management training, where he claimed that “Clinicians should be trained in the fields of Leadership and Management and should be involved in joint-decision making”.

A Croatian expert, Dr. Nikola Kraljik, introduced the current characteristics of Croatian Health care system and Health insurance system to the participants.